The only fast and clean alternative

for pest control in foodstuffs

Our identity

Our vision

Make Uhinov the essential solution for securing food stocks by making our solution available in France but also internationally.

Our mission

Provide a clean alternative solution that responds responsibly to the challenges of food disinfestation: to reduce the use of chemicals and food stock losses.

Our values

The environment is the raison d’être of our company. Our solution is chemically free and has low energy consumption. We strive to reduce our impact as much as possible through local design and manufacturing.

The Uhinov story

Approached by the inventor of the patent for their skills in agricultural machinery and biology, Joanes and Elodie start the adventure in March 2017 by creating MicroWtech. In June 2019 after two years of development moving from concept to solution, the first results arrive and show that the solution is effecient on wheat. The appearance on the market then begins in September 2019 under the brand Uhinov.

L'histoire Uhinov

The Uhinov team at your service

Elodie Gouadon - Uhinov

Élodie Gouadon – Founder

Acting partner

Doctor of biology, I worked for 15 years on academic research projects in different French and German universities. In 2015, I joined Joanes in the management of Installations Perreault. We founded MicroWtech-UHINOV in 2017. Through this adventure, I combine my taste for technological innovation with my values ​​of respect for the environment and human values.

Joanes Durquet - Uhinov

Joanes Durquet – Founder


Thermician and engineer, I started my career at EDF before spending ten years in the automotive industry. In 2010, I created Installations Perreault which offers grain drying and storage solutions to farmers. In search of innovative thermal solutions, we founded, with Elodie, in 2017 MicroWtech-UHINOV to exploit and develop a patent on the use of microwaves in single mode. Since then, we have made every effort to offer this disruptive technology to manufacturers.

Nicolas Gomes - Uhinov

Nicolas Gomes

Technical manager

+33 (0)6 64 11 13 26

Engineer by training, I spent several years in aeronautics as a project manager, in particular at Safran Aircraft Engines. I then obtain a MBA which gives me a clearer vision of how companies work, before joining Ermewa as manager of operational performance improvement projects. I joined the Uhinov adventure in 2018 to support a challenge that corresponds to my human and environmental values.

Alain Durie - Uhinov

Alain Durie

Sales manager

Trained as a salesperson, I have lived this fascinating profession for 40 years in the banking, insurance, transport and industrial maintenance sectors. In recent years, a lot of questions have risen about the world, how it works and our impact on the environment. In its field, UHINOV offers an innovative solution which gives me the opportunity to transmit to the professionals concerned a clean and sustainable solution. I am lucky to participate in this adventure.

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